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Unlike many other companies, we don't try to force your campaign into an existing template. As our client, you get individual attention customized to your budget and your needs, be it national, regional or local direct.


You benefit from our relationships with some of the largest magazines and newspapers in the country, meaning fair prices on even the smallest buys. And yes, we can connect you with more websites than you'll ever need. With social marketing and search engine advertising, we can get your message to a very specific audience.



Billboards are big and bold! A well-placed, well-designed billboard can work wonders! The difference? Knowing when, where and how to use them. We know what makes that difference.

Broadcast/TV and Radio:

We have more knowledge and experience in the broadcast division alone than most agencies have in all aspects combined. With access to a plethora of radio programs, content and stations, If you want broadcast – it's a no-brainer!



In this ever-changing age of communication, our staff is constantly exploring the latest forms of product placement and viral marketing. In fact, in the time it took to read this sentence, a host of new ideas were created and put into motion. Let us do something totally unique for you.

Event Marketing:

Event Marketing has become one of our most sought after services. Most companies make the mistake of using "traditional advertising ideas" to market their events. Understanding the difference between the two sets us apart from all the rest. Concerts, Fairs and Festivals... Trade Shows or Sporting Events... with attendance from a couple hundred to a couple hundred thousand, we've helped organizations, venues and individuals alike.

Successful Event Clients:

President Jimmy Carter - General Tommy Franks - Colin Powell
Charlotte Motor Speedway - The Chicago White Sox
World of Wheels Custom Auto Show Midwest - The Doodlebops
Walmart - Dr Pepper - The Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau


Stephen King - James Patterson - Joel Osteen - Paula Deen
Bryan Adams - Loretta Lynn - Trisha Yearwood - The Band Perry
Donny and Marie Osmond - Music Across America Tour
Larry the Cable Guy - Mike Iaconelli - Kate Gosselin