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The Complete Package!

National talent and programming for the local level. Americas top radio talent may not live in your town…until now.  We deliver smart, well produced, and tested programming for your market at affordable cash or barter rates.  Personality driven shows, music driven shows or anywhere in between.

Nick and Drew (Voice Track / Rock - 5 days):
Designed specifically to attract the male 18-34 demo with a nationally syndicated rock show that continues to give a local touch to each affiliate. Not only do you get the show but you also get continuous web content that can be integrated into your station web site along with Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
Show demo and website here


We are very anxious to get our 24-hour programs underway! We're just a few months away from the launch of an industry-changing country format. Solidify your market with first right of refusal by contacting us today – and we'll fill you in on the plan.