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You need it… Do you have it?

The folks here at CDL MediaWorks have been servicing the radio and record industry in many forms since the late 1980's. Radio programs, special events, artist promotion, radio tours, web content, even featured involvement in syndicated shows...If you're a label looking for help with your project; we have a vehicle to get you the exposure you need.  If you're a radio station and need "format logical" substance… look no more! This is the place

Weekly Radio Shows:

The Music Row Show:
With the popularity of American Idol, everybody wants to be a star. But the big question is how? The Music Row Show talks to industry professionals on the air every week, to help your star-bound listeners get the inside look. (country or talk)


Shows Featuring Classics:

We also have a full line of retro-flashback shows for all formats currently in production, and we're working on new programs every single day. If you see a need specific to your market, give us a call. We can help! (format specific)

Station Content:

Radio Show Prep: is the industry's most user-friendly radio prep site. Current artist information, topical news stories, sports and everything your on-air talent needs to do their shows, all in one place! All for no cost-no barter.


Station Promotions:

Free Promo Network is a great solution to today's lack of promotional budget. Created specifically to bring excitement to your on air chatter and traffic to your webiste - with 100% "trade for mention" giveaways. Collective national contesting featuring cars, boats, trips, and unique format friendly items.


New Music Advisory Panel:

NMAP is designed with multiple station benefits including consistent station web traffic and constant involvement, generating the impression that you care about your listeners and their opinions. NMAP delivers "perceived variety" without changing your playlist and a more logical alternative to call out - collecting real music research and demographic info from your most active listeners to use as you see fit. Not only is NMAP offered on a NO CASH / NO BARTER basis, it is fully sponsorable at the local level.


Website Development:

Looking for a website for your radio station? Have a product or service you'd like included on hundreds of radio station websites? With our partner company you can have all that and more. We offer and maintain radio-specific websites all across America.